What to Eat and Drink Before, During and After Exercise

22 May 2024

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Maintaining optimal nutrition around your workouts can significantly enhance your performance, endurance, and recovery. Here’s a simple guide on what to consume before, during, and after your exercise sessions to ensure you’…

Anna's Low Impact Alternatives

15 May 2024


If you're just starting out with exercise, returning to exercise, recovering from an injury, or simply prefer lower-impact workouts, having the options is important.

Meet Our Elders x DediKate Challenge Winners!

9 May 2024

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"It has helped me get into routine, 5 am comes and I'm out of bed each morning ready for my daily exercise, which in turn has helped my concentration and work ethic at work, no more slumps during the day."

Why We Love Pilates! 🌶️

2 May 2024

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We have listed a few of the benefits of practising Pilates regularly!

Tips For Lifting Weights Postpartum 🏋️‍♀️

26 Apr 2024

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Before you jump headfirst into lifting weights postpartum, here are some essential considerations to ensure a safe and effective return to lifting weights.

Things Your Physio Wants You To Know

17 Apr 2024

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Guest Physio, Storm Baynes-Ryan shares some important insight and information about overcoming injury, long-term pain and niggles and what your physio wants you to know!

Exercise and Menopause

12 Apr 2024

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If you’re 35 years or older, you will love reading this information to help you to exercise in a way that is best suited to you, your body and your lifestyle through the 3 stages of menopause!

3 Mindset Tips If You're Experiencing a Motivation Slump

8 Apr 2024

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Exercise slumps are a super common hurdle many of us face when we are working towards our health and fitness goals. Here are three effective mindset strategies from DediKate Mindset Coach Sarah Dickie, to help you get back o…

A Guide To Healthy Shopping 🛒

28 Mar 2024

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DediKate Nutritionist Claire Turnbull shares information on what to look out for when you are in the supermarket!

Our Trip To NSW!

21 Mar 2024

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Last week Kate, Mikahla, Jodie and Ange journeyed to Sydney, NSW to share our online workouts and community, and explored Orange and Dubbo during The Huddle weekend.

Our Trip To The Motherland Conference!

21 Mar 2024

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At the start of March, DediKate HIIT, Strength and Pilates Trainer Nic travelled from Jamestown, South Australia to Launceston, Tasmania to attend the Motherland Conference on behalf of DediKate.

Getting Started With Yoga! 🧘‍♀️

7 Mar 2024

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Are you looking to start your yoga journey? To get started with DediKate yoga for the first time, all you need is a small space to flow and either a phone, tablet or laptop. Yoga mats are optional!

Top 5 Benefits of Weights and Own Body Weight Training

29 Feb 2024

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Here are 5 benefits of adding strength training to your weekly routine and why it should be a staple in exercise programs for women of all ages and backgrounds!

5 Easy Ways To Add More Veggies 🥬

21 Feb 2024

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Here are 5 veggie-friendly ideas to get you started if you know your diet isn't as nutritional as it could be!

Meet our DediKate Rural Ambassadors! 🌾

15 Feb 2024

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Introducing Philippa Cameron and Sophie Hansen, our two DediKate Rural Ambassadors who will be joining us for the DediKate Rural challenge, as well as giving epic prizes!

5 Weightlifting Myths BUSTED

9 Feb 2024

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You may be familiar with the phrase, "Lifting weights makes you bulky," one of the biggest myths out there. It's our goal to clear up those common misconceptions about weight training, so you can focus on getting stronger!

How To Crush The 3 Most Common Exercise Excuses

2 Feb 2024

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While missing a DediKate workout here and there is sometimes inevitable, sometimes it's a matter of pushing past obstacles and finding ways to overcome these common exercise excuses!

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