How 20-Minute Workouts Changed My Life

10 Jul 2024Kate Ivey - Founder and CEO

20-minute workouts are a game changer!

The Early Days: From Chaos to Calm

Why 20-Minute Workouts Work

Introducing DediKate Twenty

Inspired by my own journey, we’ve created something special: DediKate Twenty. It’s an 8-week program featuring 20-minute workouts, 3, 4, or 5 times a week (you choose). Perfect for busy women who need a fitness routine that fits into their hectic lives.

Fun and Effective: Get fit while having a blast, without spending too much time. 🎉 Inclusive: Everyone can join in, no matter your fitness level. We’re breaking down barriers and making fitness accessible. 🌍 Boost Your Routine: This time of year can be a drag. Our program is the perfect pick-me-up to keep you motivated and energised. The perfect way to get consistent and find a routine that works for you. 💥

Ready to Change Your Life?

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