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28 Mar 2024DediKate Nutritionist - Claire Turnbull

Healthy shopping made easy! ⬇️

Whole food vs highly processed food

It is very hard to clearly define what fits into each category here as things like bread, muesli bars, and cereals are not all created equal. This diagram below is simply to show an overall theme. The pictures are just examples, not an exhaustive list of all foods that fit into these groups.

The overall message is, the less processed and more nutritional value a food has, the better it is as an every day choice. Aim for the majority of your meals and snacks to come from the types of foods in the green boxes.

How to read food labels

Here's an overview of what all the numbers mean on the food packaging you see at the supermarket.

Use these recommended daily intakes as a general guide only. This is NOT personalised information, more to explain the figures they use on food labelling when they talk about the % of an average persons daily intake.

Follow these supermarket guidelines

When you’re off to do the supermarket shop, don’t forget that VARIETY is key. When you are looking for the healthiest products at the supermarket, the following guidelines can help you choose wisely. Be your own label detective!

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