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What's Included?

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*You will receive a free 7 day trial then you will be charged for the selected plan unless you cancel.

Membership Includes:

  • More than 15 new workouts/classes uploaded every week
  • Online fitness programs/Challenges
  • Nutrition support and guidance
  • Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Specialised instructors
  • Member only support group

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How to Participate

Get started on your DediKate Spice journey in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Step 1

Sign up on DediKate for a 7 Day Free Trial.

Step 2

Step 2

Register for the DediKate Spice Challenge plan FREE on DediKate (challenges tab).

Step 3

Step 3

Print the planner or save it to your device, and get ready to start on Monday 6th of May!

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Member Stories

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Hear what some of our members have to say about how DediKate has helped them achieve success in their own journey.


Is this challenge suitable for beginners?

Yes! Our workouts are suitable for ALL fitness levels! We have 3 options of planners to suit all levels. Our trainers also provide modifications for all fitness levels, and encourage you to do your best. We also have a super supportive community on Facebook who are also starting out, just like you!

If you are pregnant or postpartum, simply print one of the planners and then follow our pregnancy programme, DediKate Baby, or our postpartum programme, DediKate Glow. This means you can do the right programme for you, but still take part in DediKate Spice.

What else do I get access to?

As a DediKate member you get access to everything on DediKate! This includes new workouts uploaded each week, workout challenges, recipes, specialised instructors, support and motivation from DediKate members and more!

Do I need equipment for the Spice Challenge?

Yes, you will need:

  • 1 set of Dumbbells, 1-3kgs
  • 1 set of Dumbbells, 4-10kgs
  • Swiss Ball (can make do without)

You'll also need a small space to workout and either a phone, tablet or laptop.

And for some fun, our favourite non-essentials include earphones, a Pilates Ball, a Kettlebell and a set of Resistance Bands! Get them HERE!

Is DediKate Spice suitable for those who are pregnant or postpartum?

Absolutely! At DediKate we offer safe pregnancy and postpartum workouts. Celia and Jess are our qualified and experienced Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialists. We also offer exercise plans specific to pregnancy and postpartum that you can do alongside DediKate Spice!

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can can cancel your DediKate Membership at anytime. You pay in advance, so if you cancel, your membership will stop when your next payment would've been due.

DediKate Features

Short and Effective

Our workouts are 10-40 minutes so you can fit them into your busy life!

Workouts for ALL Levels of Fitness

Online workouts for women ranging from Beginner and Postpartum Pilates to Core Connect and Low Impact workouts to Weights, HIIT and Yoga, DediKate offers all workout types so you can choose the best ones for you.

Anywhere, Anytime

DediKate is designed to fit into your lifestyle, so you can workout whenever or wherever you are.

100's of Healthy Recipes

From healthy dinners to a snack on-the-go, we share fresh and easy recipes every week.

Kate Ivey

Caroline Paterson

Anna McDermid

Nic Sandland

Types of Workouts

Choose from a wide variety of online workouts, or follow the planner or workout of the day. There is something for everyone!

Weight Training

Using basic equipment, tone and strengthen your body with our low impact strength workouts and our high intensity resistance training workouts that you can do anywhere.


20-30 minute low impact sessions, designed to strengthen and tone and improve your flexibility, muscle balance and control.


We offer two types of boxing workouts; BOXhiit, HIIT style workouts to improve your all round fitness and strength and BOXlift, low impact yet fast paced boxing style weight training workouts.

Low Impact

Low impact (no jumping) workout options so you can build strength and fitness without high impact on your body.