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Why Choose DediKate?

As a business owner herself Kate knows how important happy and healthy staff are to her, and knows that health and fitness doesn't need to be a chore.

DediKate offers Low Impact, Yoga, Pilates, Weights, Running and HIIT workouts as well as stretching, nutrition and mindset work – there’s something in there for everyone. And they're all short and effective so you and your employees can fit them into your busy lifestyles.

We focus on a balanced and holistic approach to health and fitness - fitness, strength, nutrition, a positive mindset and how we feel. Our down to earth trainers are on this journey with you, and will encourage you to do your best and never give up.

Health and Fitness can be easily integrated into your workplace with DediKate

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Why Health & Fitness is Good for Business

Not only would a Team Challenge improve the health of your employees, it can also create a healthy company culture, build and sustain employee morale and can also improve productivity. Most importantly it can help reduce stress levels and is a great way to improve teamwork within your business.

What We Offer

From Bespoke Packages to Nutrition Seminars, we would love to help your team on their health and fitness journey.

Communication is key to a successful corporate wellness initiative and DediKate takes the hard work out of this for you with support emails, an easy to use app and approachable trainers and experts to answer any questions and ensure success for your team.

Bespoke Team Challenge

With access to all of the DediKate workouts, a planner tailor-made to suit your team and work environment, a Team Fitness Challenge is a great way to get your empolyees started on their health journeys.

Nutrition Packages

Amy is our amazing and qualified Nutritionist at DediKate. Whether you're after a full Nutrition Package or a one off Nutrition Seminar, Amy can help.

Ready Made Challenges

There are plenty of amazing Challenges on DediKate that you can choose from. Everything from HIIT, Weights, Boxing, Pilates and Yoga.

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Wide Variety for All Levels

Access to all DediKate has to offer is included in our packages.

Workouts for ALL Levels of Fitness

Online workouts for women ranging from Beginner and Postpartum Pilates to Core Connect and Low Impact workouts to Weights, HIIT and Yoga, DediKate offers all workout types so you can choose the best ones for you.

Anywhere, Anytime

DediKate is designed to fit into your lifestyle, so you can workout whenever or wherever you are.


Your DediKate Membership includes hundreds of recipes, meal plans, nutritionist chats and education, and more.

Motivational Guidance

Just hit play and we will motivate and encourage you through the whole workout!

Workout anytime, anywhere

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